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Salurkan Sedekah dan Zakat ke Panti Bustanul Aitam, Pidie

Menyambut bulan Ramadhan dan Hari Raya Idul Fitri, kami berharap para darmawan dapat menyalurkan sedekah dan zakat ke Panti Asuhan Bustanul Aitam (Pidie, Aceh).

Pada saat ini Panti Asuhan memberikan bantuan pendidikan dan biaya hidup kepada sekitar 58 anak di sekitar kecamatan Ulim. Anak-anak ini umumnya (45 orang) belajar di Sekolah Menengah Pertama, dan sebagian lagi (13 orang) di Sekolah Menengah Atas. Pada sore dan malam hari mereka memperoleh pendidikan agama di Panti Asuhan.

Mudah-mudahan dengan bantuan yang diberikan mereka dapat hidup layak, belajar dengan baik, dan dapat menjadi orang yg lebih baik bagi masyarakat.

Panti asuhan juga mengusahakan memberikan bekal bagi anak-anak yang telah lulus SMA untuk dapat membuka usaha kecil dan hidup mandiri.

Bantuan untuk Panti Asuhan dapat disalurkan melalui:
Bank BRI, Unit Meureudu, Cabang Sigli, Aceh, Indonesia
Nomor Rekening (Account): 397 001 002 291 534
Rekening atas Nama: Yayasan Bustanul Aitam
Swift Code: BRINIDJA

Sejak Juli 2007, Yayasan telah mendirikan Koperasi Al Amin, dimana salah satu kegiatannya adalah memberikan pinjaman kepada pedagang kecil di Ulim. Sistem pinjaman adalah sistem bagi hasil. Pada April 2009 telah disalurkan pinjaman kepada 86 orang, dengan pinjaman sekitar Rp 1 Juta sampai Rp 10 Juta per orang, dan total penyaluran pinjaman sekitar Rp 450 Juta. Sebagian kelebihan bagi hasil usaha digunakan untuk membantu pembiayaan operasional Panti Asuhan. Komitmen para penerima pinjaman dalam melunasi kewajibannya sangat tinggi mengingat mereka tidak hanya memperbaiki ekonominya sendiri, tapi juga membantu anak-anak yatim dan miskin yang ada di Panti Asuhan.

Terimakasih atas perhatian dan bantuannya.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Guest from Malaysia

Mr Abdul Razak Ahmad (Senior Principal Assistant Director Policy and Governance of Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia) has visited Bustanul Aitam Orphanage in 17 June 2006. Mr Ahmad arrived in Ulim (Pidie, Aceh) around the Maghrib pray time. After praying in Ulim mosque, Mr Ahmad visited the orphanage. Because at that time the electricity is off, the situation in the orphanage is completely dark.

With all Bustanul Aitam Orphanage limitation, we hope that Mr. Ahmad could forge cooperation between the Orphanage and Malaysia donator in order to support better life and the future of Ulim orphan.

We would like to thanks Mr. Ahmad for willing to spare time in his tight schedule to visit the kids. We hope to receive good news from you.

Bustanul Aitam Orphanage Committee


BRR Donation

Aceh & Nias Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Body (BRR), through Satker Social Aceh, has given a large donation to Bustanul Aitam Orphanage. The total value of the money is Rp 276,654,000,- (around US$ 30,000).

The fund will be used to build two class room, sized 7x9m each, and the construction is undergoing. The room is planned for new sleeping area with each new room hopefully could accommodate 20 kids. This means 40 out of 66 kids in the orphanage will get a better place. To make it fair for everyone, the kids will take turn in using the new room. Alternatively, like a great magician, we may try to squeeze in all the kids in the two rooms.

In addition to the building, BRR also donate 35 unit double storey wooden beds with mattress. These new good bed and mattress hopefully will bring the kids more sweet dream.

As a regular donator, my best friend Hendra Harahap has transferred more cash to YBA bank account. Thanks bro!

Bustanul Aitam Orphanage committee would like to thanks all support and generous donation for the Ulim orphan kids. Your support will bring a better future for these lovely kids.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


any kids right

From time to time, it is not easy to raise fund for the orphanage kids from conflict victims in Aceh. Before 2005, when the conflict was still going on, people reluctant to give donation for fearing misuse of the money, especially for the rebellion purpose. At that time there was people asking donation for building mosque, orphanage, and other social activities that part or the entire money end up for rebellion purpose or personal misuse.

It is also difficult for donators to visit or to verify the use of the money they donate since the access to the region is very limited. It was martial law, where any movement of people – especially from outside Aceh – strictly monitors by military.

After the tsunami disasters in December 2004 and Aceh open up again, I see the chance to revive fund raising campaign. Hoping that many donors come to Aceh will see the reality and decide to help all the orphanage kids, irrespective the cause of their misfortune.

But that is not the case. Anywhere I appeal, they keep asking: are the kids from tsunami victim? I honestly say only few of them, which is 5 out of 60 kids. The rest is mostly from conflict victims.

So majority the donors refuse to provide support, reasoning that their mandate is only to support tsunami victims’ kids. Save the Children and WFP do provide support to all the kids, in term of foods donation. The same goes to study kits donation from UNICEF/China that distribute to all primary school kids. I also find a way to reason with my friend and get donation from PT Indo Pacific Sheraton, Benny Syaaf (of Nahdatul Ulama), and Leela Young (USA).

But until now, the same argument is applied: donors only provide support to tsunami victim’s kids. I agree that their mandate is to support the tsunami victims. But the kids, irrespective their cause of misfortune, must be given priority. And donor must see the problem sensibly where in Eastern Coast of Aceh majority of the orphanage is from conflict victims, not tsunami. For example, in Ulim region, we have 250 orphan kids, but only 6 of them from tsunami victims. In other orphanage whose the committee met me, the same condition apply: around no more than 10% of the kids is from tsunami victims, the rest is majority from conflict victims.

So for the program in Eastern Coast of Aceh, rather than looking for tsunami kids and then decide not to support them because of “difficult to make a very small scatter program” why don’t they widen the cover for all the orphan kids? All these kids have the same right, which is to live with proper room, food, health, and education for their future.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006


donation from my best friend

As regular donator, my best friend Hendra Harahap transfer fund to Bustanul Aitam Foundation account in Feb 21 (btw; it seem my bro very busy cause he never up-date his blog for a long time. Is your cutie really making you that busy? Sweeeet…).

Another generous donator is my one and only Anna Juliastuti, in 10 March 2006 (she is now joint USAID Indonesia, to get more challenging career).

The Foundation proposes for new building construction, but it seems very difficult to get the big fund. Well, most of program in Aceh now concentrate for tsunami victim. Though in reality, orphanage from conflict victims outnumber the tsunami orphan in the Eastern Coast of Aceh (Pidie, Bireun, North Aceh, and East Aceh). I think the Program Manager who responsible for INGOs in Aceh knows better about it.

I do not have intention to dichotomize the orphan, it just that we have to take care all of them irrespective the cause of the parent die.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


public meeting

In Saturday, 11 February ’06, we hold a public meeting to present 6-monthly financial statement of Bustanul Aitam Orphanage. Foundation has commitment to be transparent and accountable to the community who has supported the Foundation. Around 100 invitations were sent to keuchiek (head of village), camat (head of sub-districts), school principal, shop owner, and other donators. Announcement was made in meunasah & mosque about the meeting. The meeting begins at 10.00 and finished by 12.00 with 30 participants (with only one woman, picture 1 & 2)

In the meeting, the Foundation chairperson, Teungku Ilyas Ibrahim, presented financial statement for period of August-December 2005 (picture 3 & 4). He explains detail revenue and expenditure, special attention given to certain significant revenue & expenditure. In discussion session, participant asks clarification on several revenue/expenditure items. Then discussion continues about a better strategy to raise more funds from regular donator (civil servant, traders), donator’s expansion (on how to reach out to distance donators), and rice/paddy donation management.

It was also explained about the strategy to improve academic achievement of the kids, such as:
  1. during the day, kids are encourage to focus on formal education. During the night, the kids use their time to recite Al Qur’an and other Islamic study. In the afternoon and the whole week end, the kids have the spare time to relax and play. The strategy has improved the kids’ achievement both for formal education and religious study. Spare time for playing lessen kids burden and make them refresh for night study.

  2. The kids are forbid to involve in fund raising. Bustanul Aitam Foundation has committed that no kids is allowed to raised donation, it is the Foundation committee who are responsible to find the money for the kids while the kids must concentrate to study and use spare time for playing. (note: It is a common practice to mobilize kids to raise donation from home to home. While the strategy may increase the size of donation, it is very bad to the kids. It consume a lot of their valuable time (which suppose to be for study), excessively expose the kids to money orientation, and could demoralize/humiliated them).

In the meting, the committee reiterates the commitment to improve the orphanage management by:
  1. proper recording of revenue, expenditure, and asset management.

  2. clear planning and program for development.

  3. transparent

  4. accountable to community & donators, and

  5. participative.

It is stressed that the Foundation could be more transparent and accountable if the public participate actively to supervise, give input, and attend to the Foundation activity.

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kid magazine donation

We would like to thanks Mr Murizal who generously donate kid magazine to Bustanul Aitam Orphanage. There are 100 magazines, consisting of Bobo, Oki Nirmala, CnS Junior, Mombi, and ORI.

It has been long plan to set up a small library for the kids. But we don’t have fund for it and I’m not sure what kind of book the kids love. Seeing how the kids love the magazines, urge me to make the library come true as soon as possible. I also remember that my best friend Hendra Harahap wants to donate books to the orphanage. But without proper furniture and room for library, I’m afraid the book could be damaged in short time.
So, who can donate more books for the orphanage?

Here are pictures from the symbolic donation of the magazines.

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Monday, February 06, 2006


Idul Adha

For Idul Adha, the sacrifice festive, Bustanul Aitam Orphanage has six goats to slaughter and distributed the meat to the orphan/poor family. The six goats come from generous donation of the villagers and my good friend as follow:
  1. Ms Aisyah (Ulim)
  2. Haji Bakhtiar (Ulim)
  3. Mr Basri (Ulim)
  4. Mr Hendra Wijaya Harahap (Jakarta)
  5. Ms Kartini (Ulim)
  6. and my self, Siswa Rizali (Sigli).
Actually we have 7 goats, unfortunately one get sick and we cannot sacrifice it for Idul Adha. Now the goat is healthy and we plan to slaughter it for the orphan meal, soon.

Here are pictures from the sacrifice festive day.

More about Idul Adha, see information at wikipedia.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Panti Asuhan Bustanul Aitam

Di Panti Asuhan Bustanul Aitam (Ulim, Pidie, sktr 164 Km dari Banda Aceh) kami menampung anak2 korban konflik, miskin, dan korban tsunami. Sebagian besar anak tersebut korban konflik; apakah orang tuanya meninggal karena peluru nyasar, dibunuh oleh TNI/Polri, maupun oleh GAM. Ada juga orang2 yang apa pun kondisi Aceh memang miskin. Paska tsunami, ada 5 anak tambahan. Secara keseluruhan ada sekitar 60 anak. Beberapa bukan penghuni tetap, melainkan titipan keluarga yang setiap saat bisa mengajak kembali anak yatim itu kerumahnya.

Yang ditampung sementara memang hanya sebagian dari anak yatim di kecamatan Ulim. Kapasitas kamar sudah penuh (lihat gambar: kamar penuh sesak). Dan hanya anak pria, maklum pengurus terbatas dan semua pria. Ada pun umur anak-anaknya berkisar antara 10~18 tahun.

Selain panti asuhan, juga ada taman kanak-kanak ala kadar yang dikelola oleh 3 orang guru honorer yang bersedia dibayar ala kadar juga.

Secara makanan cukup terjamin, karena ada stok 6~7 ton beras sumbangan dari penduduk setempat. Beras itu sebagai cadangan untuk bertahan 8 bulan dengan makan nasi aja. Secara gizi memang masih kurang, karena tidak ada dana operasi yang memadai. Untuk pakaian, untung2-an ada yang nyumbang sarung, pakaian sekolah, dan pakaian lebaran. Biaya sekolah diusahakan dari penduduk sekitar plus negosiasi untuk dapat diskon dari sekolahnya. Perbaikan tempat tinggal tambal sulam, kalau ada atap bocor atau papan yang lapuk. Mudah2-an sekolah dasar sangat tua (dibangun 1968) yg dikonversi jadi panti asuhan ini tidak segera roboh :-(( .

Pemerintah ada juga kasih sumbangan, untuk 35 anak sebesar Rp 2250/hari/anak. Konyol kan, ada 60 anak yg dibantu cuma 35 dan besarnya tidak cukup untuk satu kali makan. Emang anak yatim cukup makan sekali sehari?

Rencana mau cari dana untuk bangun permanen. Tapi kemana? Coba minta sama teman2. Dulu banyak yang takut nyumbang dengan alasan takut diselewengkan buat mendukung GAM. Paska tsunami, tetap susah dapat sumbangan meskipun banyak donor lokal dan asing. Alasannya: bukan korban tsunami.

Gila, masa anak korban konflik harus kena tsunami dulu baru bisa dapat bantuan. Tega benar! Dimana2, anak yatim ya sama aja, tetap yatim, baik karena konflik atau tsunami atau alamiah.

Mudah2-an nantinya ada beberapa anak yg bisa sukses dan mengingat masa2 mereka di Bustanul Aitam dan bisa bantu saudaranya yang kurang beruntung.

Jadi teringat novel “The Insulted and Humiliated” dari Dostoevsky dengan sedikit pelesetan: Don't go to anyone, be alone and poor, and work, and if you can't get work, let me beg alms for you kids.

Akhirnya, buat yg mau berbagi rezeki & nyumbang, dapat di transfer via:
Bank BRI, Unit Meureudu, Cabang Sigli, Aceh, Indonesia
Nomor Rekening (Account): 397 001 002 291 534
Rekening atas Nama: Yayasan Bustanul Aitam
Swift Code: BRINIDJA

Kalau ada yang kebetulan ke Aceh & mau singgah, silahkan ke:
Yayasan Bustanul Aitam,
Jl Meunasah Krueng Keude Ulim
Jl Banda Aceh Medan KM 163, Aceh
Mobile: +62-(0)813 6267 2600

Info lebih lanjut, silahkan hubungi saya via email or Yahoo Messenger rpidie.

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