Thursday, March 23, 2006


donation from my best friend

As regular donator, my best friend Hendra Harahap transfer fund to Bustanul Aitam Foundation account in Feb 21 (btw; it seem my bro very busy cause he never up-date his blog for a long time. Is your cutie really making you that busy? Sweeeet…).

Another generous donator is my one and only Anna Juliastuti, in 10 March 2006 (she is now joint USAID Indonesia, to get more challenging career).

The Foundation proposes for new building construction, but it seems very difficult to get the big fund. Well, most of program in Aceh now concentrate for tsunami victim. Though in reality, orphanage from conflict victims outnumber the tsunami orphan in the Eastern Coast of Aceh (Pidie, Bireun, North Aceh, and East Aceh). I think the Program Manager who responsible for INGOs in Aceh knows better about it.

I do not have intention to dichotomize the orphan, it just that we have to take care all of them irrespective the cause of the parent die.

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