Monday, February 06, 2006


Idul Adha

For Idul Adha, the sacrifice festive, Bustanul Aitam Orphanage has six goats to slaughter and distributed the meat to the orphan/poor family. The six goats come from generous donation of the villagers and my good friend as follow:
  1. Ms Aisyah (Ulim)
  2. Haji Bakhtiar (Ulim)
  3. Mr Basri (Ulim)
  4. Mr Hendra Wijaya Harahap (Jakarta)
  5. Ms Kartini (Ulim)
  6. and my self, Siswa Rizali (Sigli).
Actually we have 7 goats, unfortunately one get sick and we cannot sacrifice it for Idul Adha. Now the goat is healthy and we plan to slaughter it for the orphan meal, soon.

Here are pictures from the sacrifice festive day.

More about Idul Adha, see information at wikipedia.

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