Tuesday, February 14, 2006


public meeting

In Saturday, 11 February ’06, we hold a public meeting to present 6-monthly financial statement of Bustanul Aitam Orphanage. Foundation has commitment to be transparent and accountable to the community who has supported the Foundation. Around 100 invitations were sent to keuchiek (head of village), camat (head of sub-districts), school principal, shop owner, and other donators. Announcement was made in meunasah & mosque about the meeting. The meeting begins at 10.00 and finished by 12.00 with 30 participants (with only one woman, picture 1 & 2)

In the meeting, the Foundation chairperson, Teungku Ilyas Ibrahim, presented financial statement for period of August-December 2005 (picture 3 & 4). He explains detail revenue and expenditure, special attention given to certain significant revenue & expenditure. In discussion session, participant asks clarification on several revenue/expenditure items. Then discussion continues about a better strategy to raise more funds from regular donator (civil servant, traders), donator’s expansion (on how to reach out to distance donators), and rice/paddy donation management.

It was also explained about the strategy to improve academic achievement of the kids, such as:
  1. during the day, kids are encourage to focus on formal education. During the night, the kids use their time to recite Al Qur’an and other Islamic study. In the afternoon and the whole week end, the kids have the spare time to relax and play. The strategy has improved the kids’ achievement both for formal education and religious study. Spare time for playing lessen kids burden and make them refresh for night study.

  2. The kids are forbid to involve in fund raising. Bustanul Aitam Foundation has committed that no kids is allowed to raised donation, it is the Foundation committee who are responsible to find the money for the kids while the kids must concentrate to study and use spare time for playing. (note: It is a common practice to mobilize kids to raise donation from home to home. While the strategy may increase the size of donation, it is very bad to the kids. It consume a lot of their valuable time (which suppose to be for study), excessively expose the kids to money orientation, and could demoralize/humiliated them).

In the meting, the committee reiterates the commitment to improve the orphanage management by:
  1. proper recording of revenue, expenditure, and asset management.

  2. clear planning and program for development.

  3. transparent

  4. accountable to community & donators, and

  5. participative.

It is stressed that the Foundation could be more transparent and accountable if the public participate actively to supervise, give input, and attend to the Foundation activity.

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