Wednesday, July 05, 2006


BRR Donation

Aceh & Nias Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Body (BRR), through Satker Social Aceh, has given a large donation to Bustanul Aitam Orphanage. The total value of the money is Rp 276,654,000,- (around US$ 30,000).

The fund will be used to build two class room, sized 7x9m each, and the construction is undergoing. The room is planned for new sleeping area with each new room hopefully could accommodate 20 kids. This means 40 out of 66 kids in the orphanage will get a better place. To make it fair for everyone, the kids will take turn in using the new room. Alternatively, like a great magician, we may try to squeeze in all the kids in the two rooms.

In addition to the building, BRR also donate 35 unit double storey wooden beds with mattress. These new good bed and mattress hopefully will bring the kids more sweet dream.

As a regular donator, my best friend Hendra Harahap has transferred more cash to YBA bank account. Thanks bro!

Bustanul Aitam Orphanage committee would like to thanks all support and generous donation for the Ulim orphan kids. Your support will bring a better future for these lovely kids.

Wow! It's a great news to be heard. I love that news. The kids will be very happy with that.
Hopefully we can raise more fund for building extension and other needs. thanks
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