Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Guest from Malaysia

Mr Abdul Razak Ahmad (Senior Principal Assistant Director Policy and Governance of Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia) has visited Bustanul Aitam Orphanage in 17 June 2006. Mr Ahmad arrived in Ulim (Pidie, Aceh) around the Maghrib pray time. After praying in Ulim mosque, Mr Ahmad visited the orphanage. Because at that time the electricity is off, the situation in the orphanage is completely dark.

With all Bustanul Aitam Orphanage limitation, we hope that Mr. Ahmad could forge cooperation between the Orphanage and Malaysia donator in order to support better life and the future of Ulim orphan.

We would like to thanks Mr. Ahmad for willing to spare time in his tight schedule to visit the kids. We hope to receive good news from you.

Bustanul Aitam Orphanage Committee

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